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Learn how to save time and money with smart dust control that eliminates the cost associated with cleaning up dust on the job site. Dustless Technologies makes a full line of dust control products including vacuums, accessories and specialty tools designed to capture the extra fine dust created on construction job sites.

DustBuddie dust shrouds are part of a smart dust control system for power hand grinders.

Dust Shrouds – Hand Grinders
If you use power hand grinders, you ought to consider using one of the dust control shrouds from Dustless Technologies. Using hand grinders produces harmful airborne dust that can lead to silicosis and other health concerns. OSNA and NEOSH are creating guidelines mandating point-of-origin dust control for hand grinders because of these worker safety concerns.

The DustBuddie™ is a dust control shroud that fits most makes and models of hand grinders. This dust control product features a removable front lip so the contractor can grind up against a wall. It also features a brush skirt that acts as a cushion to promote a smooth grinding action on even the roughest surfaces. This dust control system is noted for being fast and easy to install – the professional contractors’ number one choice for all its features.

The Dustie™ dust control shroud is a low cost alternative for price sensitive do-it-yourselfers and small contractors with sporadic needs. This dust control system also installs very quickly and easily on most makes and models of hand grinders. It features a Flex-Flange™ that easily slips over the hand grinders collar and is held in place with a band clamp.

The DustHoodie™ is a dust control shroud for hand grinders used for floor applications. This dust control system has a synthetic fabric shroud that muffles the noise from hand grinders and gives the operator angular latitude while working for operator comfort.

The Dustless dust control shrouds fit Makita hand grinders, Bosch hand grinders, Dewalt hand grinders and many other hand grinders.

Hand grinders create very fine dust for which the Dustless Technologies Wet Dry Vacuum is specifically designed for. Hand grinders used with a diamond wheel or abrasive product can product carcinogenic dust. Be sure your hand grinders are equipped with a point-of-origin dust collection system from Dustless Technologies.

Check out the online videos featuring hand grinders equipped with dust containment shrouds from Dustless Technologies.

Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum
The dust control products from Dustless® Technologies are specially designed to capture the extra fine dust created by cutting and grinding with diamond tools and also from drywall sanding.

The heart of the system is the Dustless® Wet Dry Vacuum. It is not your typical shop vacuum. Tradition shop vacuums are not designed to capture the extra fine dust from diamond blades, diamond grinding wheels and drywall sanders. Cheap shop vacuums are fine for course saw dust and dirt but they cough and spew fine dust whenever they are turned on.

The Dustless® Wet Dry Vacuum has a patented double filter system that can be cleaned without opening the canister to keep extra fine dust from getting airborne. An optional micro pre-filter also captures particles down to .5 microns. That’s almost as effective as a HEPA filter, which captures particles down to .3 microns.

We also offer a Dustless® HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum for remodelers and contractors that need to meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines. The HEPA vacuum is certified to meet critical standards.

You can also get a Dustless® Wet Dry Vacuum with patented ToolSync™ technology that enables contractors and remodelers to turn power tools off and on in tandem with the Dustless® Wet Dry Vacuum. The ToolSync™ system is designed so that you can run both the vacuum and a larger hand grinder off the same circuit without blowing a fuse. ToolSync™ is for the professional that wants to maximize job site efficiency and avoid the hassles associated with blown fuses.

Dustless® Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum for Dust Collection
Be careful when purchasing a HEPA vacuum. Many are designed just for allergens and are not approved or certified for hazardous materials. If you get caught using an allergen HEPA filter on a job that involves lead paint, and falls under the EPA RRP guidelines, you can be slapped with a fine upwards of $37,500. Be wary of HEPA vacuums that say things like “99% HEPA” or “HEPA Like.” Look closely at the label and make sure the vacuum itself is certified, in addition to the filter, for hazardous materials. Go with the Dustless Certified HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum and play it safe. It’s a reasonably priced dust control system for any sized contractor.

Pro Series Industrial HEPA Vacuums From Dustless Technologies
Dustless® Technologies has expanded their line of smart dust control systems to include industrial grade HEPA vacuums for large-scale concrete construction and wood flooring applications. The new line of vacuums includes three models: the Pro Series 200, Pro Series 300 and Pro Series 600. Each model number reflects the cfm of the vacuum.

The Dustless® Pro Series industrial vacuums provide improved productivity and reliability with a patent pending filter system that prevents the vast majority of dust from ever reaching the HEPA filters. The AirBender™ cyclone design captures 98% of dust particles BEFORE they reach the HEPA filter, greatly extending cleaning intervals. While many HEPA vacuums clog quickly and require frequent cleaning, the Pro Series system can go up to 50 times longer between filter cleanings. During heavy dust collection operations, cleaning is typically required once an hour. In lighter dust collection operations, the vacuum can retain peak performance for three to six hours before pulse cleaning.

Contractors like how Pro Series industrial vacuums can be run off of 120 volt current. The motors are also cooled by an air bypass system to keep dust out of the motor to extend their lives. There are no solenoids to malfunction, making the vacuum very reliable. Guesswork is removed by having a gauge that tells the operator when airflow has dropped, and it is time to press the pulse cleaning button.

Grinder Dust Shroud
Grinder Dust Shroud is dedicated to helping contractors and remodelers find a Grinder Dust Shroud to protect worker health, meet OSHA, EPA and NIOSH guidelines, and implement dustless systems to increase jobsite productivity. Grinder Dust Shroud products are made in the United States of America. Grinder Dust Shroud respects your privacy and will not share your e-mail address with third parties.

Grinder Dust Shroud handles dust control accessories like the DustBuddie®, CutBuddie II™, Dustie®, BitBuddie™, ChipBuddie™ and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless® Technologies.